Frequently Asked Questions

What do the administration fees cover?

According to the Civil Law, the house manager must ensure the works necessary for maintenance and administration of the building, to prevent decay of the building and deterioration of the technical condition of the building. The administration fees cover: sanitary maintenance, technical maintenance, heating network maintenance, maintenance of water supply, sewage and electricity supply systems, system maintenance, cleaning of ventilation shafts and chimneys, maintenance of sanitary technical systems in emergencies, labour safety, transport costs, specific fire safety measures for residential buildings with more than 12 floors, other costs that are directly related to the maintenance of residential buildings and do not conflict with laws and regulations, administrative expenses.

What is the importance of choosing the right house manager?

There are many management companies in the Latvian market and it could seem for an apartment owner that there are no significant differences between them and they provide the same services for the highest cost possible. However, in reality, one should not neglect the service package and prices offered by management companies, but look closely at the offer. With increasing competition in the field of management, 24PM offers residents more and more new services, non-standard and customized management solutions, as well as beneficial conditions with attractive administration fees.

What should one do to change house managers?

At first, one must call a general meeting of apartment owners, during which the issue of a new house manager should be discussed. The next step is to decide on an authorized person or persons of the apartment owners. The decision of apartment owners is binding on every apartment owner if more than half of the apartment owners of the particular residential building have voted “for”.

What information is important to acquaint oneself with before making a decision in favour of one house manager?

The interested person should request the prospective manager to prepare a detailed estimate of management, as well as a draft management contract. Based on a variety of benchmarks and indicators, a 24PM project manager always prepares an individual estimate of management of the particular residential house, so that the customer has enough time to review it.

What are the payment procedures and record keeping of the services offered by 24PM?

Provision of services is ensured by using the company's internal resources while outsourcing is used when conducting price surveys. Payment procedures are carried out in accordance with the terms of the contract, payment record keeping is ensured by using accounting and management software, payments for services provided are made once a month.
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