While developing its activities, 24PM has done everything, which has been necessary in order to implement tested and progressive methods in actual practice. The application of these methods allowed to achieve good results.

The provision of the qualitative functioning of the building. Strictly developed business procedures that will help you gain the maximum profit. The provision of successful mutual relationships with your clients.

  • Technical monitoring and inspection of building representation of client’s interests in real estate transactions;
  • Property management for your convenience;
  • Taking building in adaption (renovation, construction work);
  • Expertise of project, control of construction work;
  • Completion of construction work, reconstruction and preservation;
  • Building a successful relationship with renters;
  • Preparing of documents on property and presentation materials in case of sale;
  • Daily security (daily physical protection of property by certified and equipped security guard);
  • Debt collection related with the property.
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