One of the oldest and most successful 24PM directions in which the company operates is a Real Estate management. It is an excellent, long-standing 24PM project manager of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in house management, and management issues.

24PM staff has extensive experience in property management and maintenance work with a variety of real estate objects:

  • residential homes
  • offices
  • A-class logistics park Kekava district of Riga

24PM the main advantages are wide range of services:

  • business process management;
  • investment project management;
  • financial project management;
  • immovable and movable property management and distribution project management;
  • technical management of a building;
  • management of utilities:
    • — maintenance of water supply, sewerage and heating systems;
    • — maintenance of the power supply system;
    • — maintenance of low-voltage systems;
    • — elevator maintenance;
    • — cleaning of the premises and the surroundings;
  • waste removal, recovery of property-related debts (working with debtors);
  • database maintenance;
  • attracting new tenants;
  • preparation and submission of reports to the owners of the buildings;
  • collection of payment from the Tenants, revenue accounting;
  • work with the state and local authorities within the framework of the real property management;
  • conclusion of contracts with the utility providers;
  • organizing discussions with the existing tenants, finding and preparing legal solutions to termination of relations;
  • inspection of the object;
  • securing the work with liability insurance;

24PM pays great attention to the communication with client; services on real estate lease, as well as its selling in case of need, are offered in close cooperation with its business partners and colleagues. Our employees represent the interests of a client in deals with all kinds of real estate: residential, commercial, land property.

A Real Estate management

alunana 3

J.Alunana Street 6, Riga, Apartment building with a total area: 2060,00 sq.m.

Prusu 21 2

Prusu Street 17A, Riga, Apartment building with a total area: 19050,00 sq.m.

prusu iela 17 2

Prusu Street 21/2, Riga, Apartment building with a total area: 1867,00 sq.m.

Daugavpils iela

Daugavpils Street 76, Riga, Apartment building with a total area: 2157,00 sq.m.
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