what is 24PM?

For several years, Limited Liability Company "24PM" or 24PM successfully maintains and manages various property in Latvia.

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Property and facility management




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For many years, our values have remained unchanged, since they have been the basis for the successful long-term operation of 24PM.

The basis of the sustainable and dynamic operation of the company is comprised of the following:

The Team

The accumulated work experience, successes and failures, attitude towards work, and a positive outlook on life in general of each employee of 24PM forms a united and strong team. 24PM’s philosophy states that every employee of 24PM is not working in the company by accident, but thanks to their professionalism and personality. 24PM are proud of the mutual partnership and healthy humour existing within the company.

Quality & Responsibility

The professionalism of the company’s employees, as well as the everyday use of tested and advanced methods, is an important factor in achieving a consistently high level of quality. Everyone in the company has the strongest sense of responsibility for the job entrusted to them. Employee loyalty towards the company is one of 24PM’s main preconditions allowing the company to develop to its full potential and reach its goals. Acknowledging the company’s sense of responsibility and the quality of its services, 24PM has been following its own quality management system, which complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, for several years.

Development & Innovation

Development and Innovation is 24PM’s slogan. 24PM regularly conducts market research and is aware of the trends in the competent business areas of 24PM; thus the company not only has a grasp of the current situation, but also modulates the future prospects for the market in Latvia and abroad. 24PM tries to unleash the inner potential and creativity of our employees in all its forms, which is a priceless driving force in achieving the company's goals. For 24PM, arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.

The things that change will last! Rainis

Courage & Ambitions

24PM does not hide that the company's vision is to become the leader in design and project management areas, as well as to get the biggest market share. Constant development is the basis for a successful company. Striving towards excellence involves ongoing communication with existing and potential customers, attracting the most talented professionals, developing their skills and helping them to become the best in their field.

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