Company LLC “Dominante Rota” has a long-term cooperation with LLC “24PM” and so far we have had the opportunity to observe the company's professional activities, so we wanted to express our appreciation of LLC “24PM”. Our cooperation began during the reconstruction and rental project of the building on Dzirnavu Street. In cooperation with the competent, professional and knowledgeable employees of LLC “24PM”, space reconstruction for the needs of offices and shops was developed, as well as a rental project for spaces with the total area of more than 500 m2 was drawn up. All projects were implemented, as a result of which we got modern offices with a modern and comfortable work environment, as well as loyal tenants, with whom we have developed a successful and promising cooperation. We can recommend LLC “24PM” as a reliable partner. We would like to thank the staff of LLC “24PM” for their professionalism and assistance.

Member of the Board of LLC “Dominante Rota”, Rafails Deifts

As a resident of Meness Street (Mēness iela) 11, Riga and the representative of the residents of this building, I am convinced of the company's high level of professionalism, as so far the company has been able to provide consistently high level of house management, addressing any issues, promptly responding to problems and solving them immediately. The company's employees are very accurate. That is why LLC “24PM” deserves considerable recognition as a reliable, responsive and professional building management company.

Janis Ostrovskis (Jānis Ostrovskis)

Since the management of the building complex of Stabu Street, we entrust the management issues to LLC “24PM” and we can assure that this choice has proven right, which is the foundation of our long-standing cooperation. Management and administration of house ownership, which includes the organization and carrying out of repair works, the billing and administration of bills, relations with the tenants and leasing of the premises, rent. We have used the company's services and we are satisfied with the quality and cost of the service.

Real property project manager of LLC “Namīpašums 1”, Aleksandrs Farbtuhs

LLC “24PM” and LLC YIT “Tehsistem” cooperate in the warehouse and office complex “Dominante Park” in Kekava (Ķekava). LLC “24PM” ensures management services for the aforementioned facility, which includes technical service, cleaning of the premises and the territory, and security. LLC “Tehsistem” carries out a part of the services of technical systems, taking care of heating, ventilation, cooling, and electricity. We are satisfied with the model of cooperation of LLC “24PM”, and we can commend the high qualification and professionalism of the staff. Till now, LLC “24PM” has presented itself as an honest and reliable partner. We can certainly recommend the services of LLC “24PM”.

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